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Sources of Numerical Data
An Annotated Internet Bibliography
Courtesy of ADA Technologies, Inc.

Earth and Space Science
Historical and modern data on carbon dioxide concentrations, collected in the field and by satellite, are available at this site.
The Delphi Project offers marine geological paleoclimate data.
From the Solar Oscillations Investigation of the interior of the sun through helioseismology, this data set has substantial data storage requirements. It is uncalibrated Michelson Doppler Imager data from the SOHO spacecraft. It is being used as part of the projectØs data quality analysis program, which may be of more interest than the data itself.

Life Science
This text-based site contains facts such as size, weight, life span and gestation period for 27 types of animals.
By entering genus and species name of the desired mammal, you can find the holdings (skull, skin, body fluid, etc.) in the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.
Databases of the Smithsonian Institution's collections of fish, plants (herbarium specimens), fossil plants and algae, and mollusks. The collections profile includes curatorial condition (e.g., deteriorating, unsorted, identified but not incorporated into the general collection, etc.).
This site contains information on the composition of a large assortment of foods from the Food and Nutrition Information Center at the National Agricultural Library. This information may be combined with the USDA Dietary Guidelines available at:
This is the International Tree Ring Data Set. It includes information on specific trees, including ringwidths, exact locations (latitude and longitude), soils, disturbance codes, dbh and pith year.

Census Information
U. S. Census Bureau information is arranged here as profiles of states, congressional districts and counties.
The world population for the last 12 months, and the current estimate of world population, updated every minute.
The CIA World Fact Book includes many types of information about every country, including area, coastline, land use and length of boundaries. Population information includes age structures of the population, birth and death rates and religions. Economic information includes GDP, unemployment rate, debt and currency exchange rate. Information is also available about transportation systems including highways, railroads and airports.
The US Census BureauØs International Database includes information on the population (by age and gender), migration, marital status, household structure, ethnicity, religion and language of the worldØs population by country.
National Center for Education Statistics

Smithsonian American Art Museum Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture.
This site records real-time data on Houston area traffic. Students can click on portions of highways on a map and learn the distance between the points, and the travel time and speed in both directions.

Site for Multiple Assorted Datasets
This is a compilation of USDA (Department of Agriculture) economics and statistics information, including topics such as farm crops and animals, food, land, water and conservation.



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