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Why Study the Sun?
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A Public Outreach Module:
Solar Wind, Genesis, and the Planets

Solar Max and the Solar System


Find out about the Solar Max and magnetospheres at:

The Earth's Magnetosphere

Genesis Collector is Outside the Earth's Magnetosphere

Do other Solar System Planets have Protective Magnetospheres?

The solar wind has a negligible effect on the movements of solar system planets, but it can have other profound effects in their immediate vicinity. The Earth's magnetic field protects our atmosphere, our water supply, and us, its inhabitants, from the searing affect of the solar wind's ionized gases, but a Solar Max has some negative effects on our magnetosphere. We will also look at what we know about the magnetospheres of other solar planets and the possible affects of a Solar Max on their atmospheres.


For a more technical description, take a Closer Look at
The Structured Sun and Solar Max: At the Core of the Matter

The Structured Sun and Solar Max

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Curator: Aimee Meyer
Updated: November 2009

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