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Don Burnett "Assembling a team is a difficult job. Our Genesis science team is made up of a group of researchers who are enthusiastic about their work. They communicate and collaborate. As a result, the mission is very fortunate to have these individuals onboard. We just couldn't ask for a better group of teammates."
Don Burnett— Genesis Principal Investigator and Lead Scientist, California Institute of Technology
"Don Burnett has assembled a really great team, and by every indication they are up to the extraordinary challenge of extracting solar ions from the Genesis collectors. The flight and curation teams have gone to great lengths to obtain, return, and deliver this solar wind embedded in these collector materials to the Genesis science team. It's gratifying to watch this team as they measure the composition of our sun and begin to unlock the secrets of our solar system."
Don Sweetnam — Genesis Project Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Don Sweetnam
Judy alton Bruce Barraclough sean brennan Pete Burnard Ann Butterworth
Judy Allton
Johnson Space Center
Bruce Barraclough Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sean Brennan
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Pete Burnard CRPG-CNRS

Anna Butterworth UC, Berkeley

? ? Mike Calaway Wally Calaway Ben Clark
Marc Caffee
Purdue University
Subrata Chakraborty
Science Team Member, University of California at San Diego
Mike Calaway
NASA Johnson Space Center
Wallis Calaway
Argonne National Lab
Ben Clark
Lockheed Martin
Ian Franchi ? Yunbin Guan ? Jerome Hittle
Ian Franchi
Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Ansgar Grimberg
ETH, Zurich
Yunbin Guan
Arizona State Univ
Veronika Heber ETH, Zurich
Jerome Hittle
Johnson Space Center
Chuck Hohenberg Konstantin Ignatyev Hope Ishii George Jarzebinski amy jurewicz
Chuck Hohenberg Washington Univ., St. Louis
Konstantin Ignatyev
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Hope Ishii
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
George Jarzebinski
Amy Jurewicz Arizona State Univ.
+ Interview
kathy kitts Takuya Kunihiro Peter Mao Bernard Marty Kevin McKeegan
Kathy Kitts
Northern Illinois University
Takuya Kunihiro
Peter Mao
Bernard Marty CRPG-CNRS
Kevin McKeegan UCLA
+ Interview
Karen McNamara alex meshik Kuni Nishizumi Marc Caffee Russ Palma
Karen McNamara NASA Johnson Space Center
Alex Meshik
Washington Univ., St. Louis
Kuni Nishizumi
UC, Berkeley
Chad Olinger
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Russ Palma
Univ. of Minnesota
Michael J. Pellin Bob Pepin Pierro Pianetta Raphael Pik Dan Reisenfeld
Michael Pellin
Argonne National Lab
Bob Pepin
Univ. of Minnesota
+ Interview
Pierro Pianetta
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Raphael Pik
Dan Reisenfeld
Univ. of Montana
Melissa Rodriguez Michael Savina Dennis Sclutter stephen sestak Eileen Stansbery
Melissa Rodriguez
Johnson Space Center
Michael Savina Argonne National Lab
Dennis Schlutter
Univ. of Minnesota
+ Interview
Stephen Sestak
Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Eileen Stansbery NASA Johnson Space Center
John Steinberg
Marc thieman
Bouchaid Tibari Cornell Emil Tripa Verkovsky
John Steinberg
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mark Thieman
University of California at San Diego
+ Interview
Bouchaid Tibari

Emil Tripa
Argonne National Lab

Sasha Verchovsky
Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Ikor Veryo Andy Westphal Rainer Wieler Roger Wiens Dotty Woolum
Igor Veryovkin Argonne National Lab
Andy Westphal
UC, Berkeley
Rainer Wieler
ETH, Zurich
Roger Wiens
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dotty Woolum
CSU, Fullerton
Laurent Zimmermann        
Laurent Zimmermann
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Updated: November 2009

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